What's in a name?

How do you pick a name? For your business, your child, a pet, or a product, it's a tough and lasting decision. I wrestled with this for a long time when starting my business: did I want to include my own name (KJ Designs?)? Did I want it to be descriptive of my services (Inside Interior Design?)? Or to evoke a certain feeling (Nest Interiors?)? Or to have a profound, deeper meaning (...?)? As I was tuning-in to other design companies, I noticed a lot of them had an "&": Crate & Barrel, Serena & Lily, Zack & Fox, Room & Board. You get the idea. I liked the "&". It felt inclusive and definitive, friendly and familiar. So what was my "&"? That was a no-brainer: You & Me. My business is about working together with my clients to actualize their dream home. It's a collaborative effort, one that works best when we bring our individual expertise and vision to the project and put everything into a big pot and stir it around and create something that is bigger and better and more beautiful than what either of us could have done alone. I can't tell you how much I am inspired by my clients, how much I love hearing your ideas, browsing your Pinterest boards and Houzz books, seeing the furniture and artwork you hope we can somehow incorporate. That weird lamp from your kooky great aunt that doesn't really go with anything but you just can't get rid of it? That's my favorite part of your project. It's the You that sparks my creativity. Without you there would be no me. So the essence of this business is really You & Me. YouMe. YuMi. Yumi.